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Proprietary shatter proof ceramic technology for Aircraft, Automotive and Marine.

Extremely hydrophobic and durable protection.


Paint Protection For Automotive, Aviation And Marine.

Whatever type of vehicle or aircraft you own, it deserves nothing but the best. 

That's why automotive and aviation industries  worldwide, chose System X Aviation Ceramic Protection. 

Quite simply, they trust System X to constantly provide unmatched paint protection, hardness and brilliance. A paint-protection system that utilizes proprietary ceramic technologies, System X doesn't work merely as a layered application. Instead, it interlocks it's molecular structure with the surface molecules of paintwork to literally become the functional surface of the vehicle's paintwork. 

The result is a semi-permanent ceramic coating that won't wash off. System X exhibits outstanding resistance to friction, heat, pollutants, and solvents - for a finish that locks in long lasting beauty, as well as peace of mind. 


How Can Saber Tech Help Your Aircraft

Testing, Data, and Application

System X - SMI Boeing Testing Certification

System X - SGS Performance Testing

System X - Application Data

System X  Videos

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